Sunday, February 15, 2009


Much hope..
I'm tired!
Seeking for good money supply...haha ~sigh~
Hoping..hoping and hoping....
Always get confused..
Day dreaming...~seems like every minutes...gosh!~
Getting bad attitude...(bad tempered)..since when i did not know...hihi :P
Wasted..~bad money flow and not gud in time consuming~
I just realize one phrase quoted by my fren a few years back...noted "zack, ape yg terjadi nih sume ada hikmahnye..." huhu.... :(
Everything that we want will not always be the thing that we want..
Aku suke ayat nih "mencintai bukan bermakna memiliki..."huhuhu
Friend will be like a diamond to me...
My life is so short..i tink..~may God bless~
Somebody accused me of being betrayal...dem!!uwaaaaaa....but everything have been settled can it be??
Fighting everyday..~im so tired..when will it over????~
I'm no longer that just my feeling or it happend?am i dumb?huh!~
I'm a family girl..~oh..lum tpn mak..jap..nk call die~
I just can't live without my mum..uwaaa...camane nih...iskk..masalahnye...~blup!~
Independent but still cannot off from my mummy...zZZzzzz
Hoping that one day my life wolud be better than this..
Never stop hoping...huhu
Life won't stop huh!
It's my LIFE...


  1. Im also hoping for the money(RM 5000)hehehe... rasenye kite xperlu fiki byk sgt kot. Just face it and u know how to deal with it.

  2. haloo...wat happened actually my dear? semacam jek..

  3. ni?emo semacam je?ble tlis ni?

  4. hahahhaha....

    penyapu : mane ade luahan perasan la...isk..

    renyok : anda sue ye?5k mane cukup wehhh..i want more...hihi..

    butterlady : phewww....nuthing la dear...aku dah bermacam2 nih..bukn semacam lagi da..kekeke

    wanee : mane ade emo laaa...aku tulis ni mase kat umah ko la...mane lagi..hanee mgajar aku edit blog..pastu tbungkng die tidorrr.....hahaha...slightly lonely on that time..ko dah g keje...

    penyapu again : incik..memandai jek ekkkkk...

  5. ahahahahaha....situation yg agk lbih kurg same ngn aku =p dey, xle pk mende eh??hihi..aku pon kene trime hakikat yg.."mencintai xbererti memiliki"..huhu..n aku pon trime.. "sume yg jd ade hikmahnye"..jd, aku sedg cube bergumbira skrg..heheh..

  6. huhu so ni lah luahan mase ak sedang ttdo ye?ngntuk babe smlaman tu ak xtdo...huhu..babe,dlm life ni byk yg kite nak tp byk tu jgk kite xdpt..ko kene pkir cmni,things happen for live ur life (nyanyi skit lagu rihanna n T. I) ahahha

  7. luvmybear: hmmm tu stand 4?hehehe

    ally : hehe...bgembira la ally selagi leh gembira..kang dah tak leh gembira kang payah...ngis jekk..uuwaaaaaaaaaa :( sob sob sob

    haneehunny : haha...rihana saket okk..kene pukul ngn BF must be a aku stick cam nih doesnt mean aku tak wat pape..hehe (pada hakikatnye mmg tak wat pape pun) huhuhu

  8. and people usually get confused of

    mencintai atau keinginan untuk memiliki

    those are two different things we need to be certain of.mungkin apa yang kita rasa kita cinta sebenarnya bukan cinta sebenar but it's just that kita cuma nak memilikinya.

  9. saliza kadir : haha..itu dia...itu yg kite cari scott..keke..tapi is a risk kan..slagi we not give a try we wouldnt know yg that thing is ours or not, aite? mmg la sakit..pehh.sakitnye mmg lahaii..Tuhan jek yg tau the impact..but as i said...LIFE IS A is wether u can coop with that or not...hehe

  10. yup,i agreed wit scott actually...memmiliki and mencintai are two different things ..this is only my opinion okkkk....mencintai adalah satu perasaan yg membuatkan seseorang tue sanggup berkorban ape ssaje tok org yg die sayang,walaupun aty nye terseksa dan sengsara...and memiliki pula adalah hanyalah satu perasaan yg ade pd seseorang yang menyukai seseorang itu which most of them thought it is LOVE...but actually,they are wrong,bcoz it is actually lebih kpd an excited feeling tuk memiliki seseorang which sumtymes can make sumone turns out to be frustrated.this is usually happens to those yg yg terlalu mengharapkan yg indah2 sj bile dpt memiiki org yg mereka mahukan WICH sbnrnye tak semue benda yang kite mahu miliki adalah benda yang terbaik ada di dunia nie...tolong fikir-fikirkan...(",)

  11. u have another point there is a risk itself =D u're definitely correct..there'll be at least a risk to just anything u do in life.sometimes we succeed,sometimes we THOUGHT we succeeded but we actually stumble at the end..but it's least we got the dos and donts..that's how life goes =D but some people dont dare to feel the hurt so they actually learn poor is that.

    p/s:i'm just happy of having what i'm & them

  12. ngeee...neway..congrats to SalizaKadir bcoz had choosen to not single anymore...hahaha..sory sbb buat press conference kat cni...hahaha..:P bak kate farrah, "u are going to achieve yr B.A.H.A.G.I.A....."

  13. hahhaha..mmg keypoh tol la zack nie,siap da wat press conference plak kat cni..adeh..anda telah pames scott..hehhehe.yar,kite sume di atas jalann yang mencari kebahagiaan...hopefully,menemuinye di ujung jln yg kite sndr pilih.but,pls..dun u ever regret wit the decision.....

  14. yes..btul tu farrah..tapi ehh..i just that betul ape yg aku buat..ape yg aku da decidekan...huhu :(

  15. klo bercakap psl decision,aku xley nak ckp pape.sbb aku pon tak taw decision yg aku wat tue btol or tak.aku rs kite percaya dgnNya.this is da risk of life regret,no turning,im moving forward