Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A is for all the nice things you do for me.
B is for being there for me.
C is for coming to my rescue.
D is never deserting me.
E is for your eagerness to please.
F is for being quick to forgive.
G is for your generosity.
H is for extending a helping hand.
I is for your interest in me.
J is for not judging my every move.
K is for your kindness toward me.
L is for the love you have shown me.
M is for the many laughs we share.
N is for never gossiping about me.
O is for your openness
P is for always playing fair
Q is for the quiet times we share.
R is for the respect we have for each other.
S is for all the smiles you bring .
T is because you touch my heart.
U is for how well you understand me.
V is because you are a vital part of my life.
W is for knowing when to speak and when not to.
X is for all the extra nice things you do.
Y is for giving of yourself.
Z is for the zip you add to my life.

Dear friends..thanx for being such a friend to me...awien,scott,farrah,sue,wanie,hanee,...


  1. i luv to forgive...suits me eyh..hhahaha..pasan..

  2. hehehe..tah..pasan ke ko fast to forgive?hurmmm..i dont tink so...hihi

  3. heehheheh...hurm,i gess,depend on who and wat is the issue actually...everyone deserves a second chance my dear..hehheheh